Hello, my name is Celeste Payne. I am a graphic designer, fine artist, teacher, and founder of Chortazo Fine Art & Graphic Design Studio. I have wanted to open an art studio and retail art shop for many years. I've been working in corners at home or on the kitchen table which can really not an optimal creative space for an artist. So, this year, I decided to chuck my fears and take a leap of faith... And this is where you can help using Patreon. 

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Patreon is a website that allows me to share artwork and art-related products with lots of people at a very low cost. It’s the perfect platform because we all benefit! You get to preview and even get early bird access to my latest products and events (some at no cost to you) while I get an added financial cushion as an artist to pay the studio rent and utilities. Its a win, win.

... allows you to donate $3, $8, or $15 per month and receive monthly gifts and perks from the studio.

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I have some family and friends who have desired to give a larger on-time initial gift. 

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