5 Tips to Improve How You Feel About You.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

1) Appreciate Your Strengths

Life is tough. So much of how we live seems like a competition. Many times we focus on our loses, our failures and our mishaps. When we focus on our weaknesses, we make our strengths seem insignificant. Think about things you are strong in and celebrate those strengths. That celebration will produce the power to help you face your weakness with courage and not with shame.

2) Take 10 Minutes to Affirm Yourself.

Sometimes, we seek affirmation from others. When we don't receive it externally, we misinterpret it as meaning we are not worthy or deserving of affirmation at all. The root word of affirmation is "firm." To be firm is to be steady and not easily moved. You have the power to steady yourself by speaking affirmations to yourself. Begin reciting your favorite bible verses and making declarations over your life about who and what you are. When you start, it may be hard to get to 10 minutes, but set a timer. Make your list as you speak. If you run out of things to say, repeat your list of affirmations until the time runs out.

3) Stop the Chatter by Eliminating Negative Self Talk

According to the National Science Foundation 80% of our thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive. We can have upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day, which means if we are not careful we can have 48,000 negative thoughts polluting our minds in a 24 hour period. Identify those repeating thoughts and when they come to mind recite an affirmation that opposes that thought. Treat your mind like a garden, plant good thoughts about yourself and pluck up the weeds of negativity.

4) Identify Toxic Relationships and make a plan to deal with them.

You may have heard of how toxic air pollution is by chemical plants. Some of our relationships can be toxic too. Toxic chemicals can lead to serious health conditions and can put your life in jeopardy and so can toxic relationships. These relationship can not only affect you physically, but emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. A way to deal with these type of relationships is to first identify them and then develop a plan to deal with them. One way of dealing with a toxic relationship is making the decision to spend less time in that environment or situation. The idea is the less toxins you have to encounter better you feel.

5) Shout it Out & Pay it Forward by Affirming Others

Few people realize this, but affirming others does not only boost them, but it is a powerful way to boost your own self esteem. By being able to see strength in another while maintaining a healthy view of yourself is an amazing testament of how you are growing in your view of you. And as a bonus, just think how you could make another sister feel by sharing a sincere compliment.

These five steps and activities are detailed in "I Love Me Some Me Empowerment Challenge: Five Steps to a Healthier View of You." available on Amazon or here.

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